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Agile Development

We continuously refine our processes at ATS to meet our client’s rapidly changing business needs by following core agile principles: 

  • delivering effective products instead of comprehensive documentation 

  • concentrating on partners and not specific processes 

  • relying on customer participation and feedback as opposed to contract deliberations 

  • adapting to product refinements and modifications over adhering to the original plan

As part of our agile process, we focus on individuals and interactions. We collaborate with our customers by helping define the product goals and prioritize features to be developed along the way. Our team prioritizes delivering working software applications by: 

  • defining user acceptance testing (UAT) cases when determining application requirements 

  • implementing application features after prioritizing client needs 

  • executing UAT before features are implemented to ensure users can see and approve all functionality

  • identifying and fixing high-priority defects early in the process 

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) host the Kite® assessment suite, along with other ATS products, which allows us to provide a more scalable, flexible and secure solution for our clients. Some features and benefits of utilizing AWS include:  

  • Flexibility with the auto-scaling feature used to scale up capacity during times of high server usage and scale back when usage is light
  • A reduction of physical infrastructure allowing for significant cost savings without reducing IT capabilities
  • Cloud-based backup and recovery
  • Secure, FERPA-compliant cloud service with storage encryption