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The Kite® Comprehensive Assessment Delivery System is designed to deliver next-generation, large-scale assessments through a web-based system accessible on numerous devices, including desktops, laptops, netbooks, and tablets and through a variety of operating systems. Kite also supports a variety of item types and has easy import of existing items from vendors as well as item development within the system. Kite produces output files for printing comparable paper-pencil versions of assessments and also supports the development of alternative formats such as Braille.

Kite Student Portal
Engage your students with a secure, easy-to-use test engine with two testing interface options and student-friendly intuitive graphics. Kite was built with an access-for-all approach that adapts to individual student needs. A large array of tools, including magnification, calculators, reference materials, color overlay, and highlighters are available to students inside Student Portal. More tools such as auditory calming and American Sign Language translations can be enabled through a student’s Personal Needs and Preferences (PNP) profiles. Kite also supports a range of assistive technology devices. The Kite Student Portal secure kiosk mode prevents students from accessing unauthorized content or software while taking secure, high-stakes assessments.

Kite Educator Portal
Manage and deliver your assessments with Kite Educator Portal (EP). Educator Portal facilitates the exchange and management of student data, score reporting, and student monitoring capabilities. Personnel are able to access student information, including registered tests, scores, and sub-scores through the secure test-monitoring dashboard within EP. Educator Portal uses tiered roles and permissions to provide secure access and capabilities to approved users through their individual logins. Educator Portal also allows for program-specific messaging, program-specific FAQ/help tools, a data dictionary, and a variety of internal data auditing tools to support test administration.
The test monitoring data dashboard may be used by educators to monitor student test status (e.g., registered for, in progress, completed) as well as real-time monitoring of item-level test completion. Each monitoring function below can be viewed at the level of a single student, a teacher's roster (class), or other larger groupings defined by:

  • Test status (e.g., registered, in progress, complete)
  • Score and sub-score data by test
  • Score aggregation data (e.g., aggregate test outcomes)
  • Student credentials and personal needs profiles associated with tests

Educator Portal also makes this data available as downloadable CSV extracts.
Educator Portal includes an interim solution that provides two types of interim assessments: predictive and instructional. Predictive assessments are medium-cycle assessments, typically given several times a year to evaluate students' knowledge and skills relative to a specific set of academic goals. Instructional assessments may be given more frequently and are typically used at the classroom level to assess student progress in certain skills or standards.

Design and build custom assessments using our Content Builder authoring tool. As part of the original Kite Suite, ATS collaborated with multiple partners through grants and state contracts to develop a tool to serve their different content needs.

Assessment Design- Design your assessment for training, formative, interim, and high stakes tests in one location. We can load your academic or professional content standards to align with your overall content design. We support professional, state, and national content framework standards, whether it be for English language arts, Mathematics, or your professional institution’s latest framework. If you have specific metadata needs, our system will map them in and we will ensure they are set to qualify your data the way you need. Before building your tests, use our test blueprint specification to design the test layout and forms to meet your testing requirements. Content Builder provides several tools to plan and design assessments to fit your needs.

Item building - Create compelling, simple multiple choice, performance-based, or technology-enhanced questions with rich media to challenge your testers. Test creation can be as simple or complex as you need based on your unique curriculum scope. Items can be aligned with psychometric statistical data for further analysis across your item bank. Set simple or complex scoring rules to the items. Improve your content effectiveness through content reviews.

  • Accessibility
    • Make your items accessible using the industry standards on supporting test taking accommodations and accessibility-friendly mechanisms.
  • Testlet Set Creation
    • Users can select items that will display as grouped together with a shared single or multiple stimuli followed by a set of questions. You decide how they should display using a variety of provided layouts. Check out all the item templates Content Builder has available for your use. You choose which make sense for your needs!
  • Simple and Adaptive Test
    • Build a simple form to administer to your testers, or build an adaptive test that changes per the student’s answers. We support multiple adaptive form setups and can work with your team through collaborative processes to meet your unique needs.
  • Internal and External Content Review
    • Use our review system to gather project team member’s content review input.
    • Design the specific types of panels whether their expertise is more content driven, accessibility, or biases-related to gather their formalized feedback. You can control the elements they will review to validate your items with voting, commenting and standards alignment selection recommendations through the system. Gather valuable feedback in one place to manage your test content.
  • Deliver Your Assessments

Produce your test forms the way you need. Content Builder supports multiple ways to deliver a test for test takers. By using our Kite Suite, you can deliver the test online by publishing the test directly for one of the Kite test portals to display. Test developers can save the test as a PDF file, which will display one item per page. Users can select if any metadata should be displayed. If you need to export your content, use our QTI Export to gain access and send/load your items into another assessment system.

Transitional Post-secondary Education (TPE)

A new tracking application that allows users to track and support students with intellectual disabilities and their course progressions. Users can track student course accommodations, learning elements, adapted learning elements and identify which adaptations were successful.

Imagine being able to get a teacher survey, student observation, and classroom environment questionnaire all in one place. Or, how about providing an instructional video, getting a health history survey, and collecting a series of exercise behavior observations? Kite Survey Solutions offers all of this along with a mobile app for users and respondents.

Questionnaires- Create, assign, and track survey responses. Create custom questionnaires with multiple choice, text entry, true/false, rankings, and more. Set up display-only questions that allow for text instructions, audio, and video play. Send surveys to participants and easily track the responses with exportable reports. Surveys can be administered on your website or through our mobile Kite Collector App. Don’t have a website? We can help you with that as well.

Observations- Tailor observations to meet all of your research needs. Survey Solutions gives researchers flexibility to maintain multiple observations for a variety of projects all in one tool. Our import feature makes it easy to load users and participants. Observation functionality options include general and Likert scale input, rank and order, observed indicators with timed viewing, and responses among others.

Mobile App- Our mobile app, Kite Collector, is designed for participants and researchers to use in the field or at home and is available for iOS and Android devices. The ability to respond to surveys and record an observation offline is an important feature of the Kite Collector app and is beneficial in classrooms and homes without internet access. Once the app is reconnected to the internet, data from the surveys and observations done offline will be uploaded to Survey Solutions. The app is free to download, easy to use, and secure with email user activation.

Survey Solutions Video Guides- The videos below will help guide you as you begin to build questionnaires and manage data/users in the system. Take advantage of these quick and informative videos and start building your new surveys today!

Adding and Managing Users and Administrators
Adding and Managing Participants
Adding and Managing Organizations
Uploading Administrators, Organizations, and Participants
Using Key Words and Question Banks
Creating Questionnaires